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Prof. Gibson Kibiki
Secretary General EAHRC
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Prof Dr Gibson Kibiki is the Founding Executive Secretary of the East African Health Research Commission (EAHRC) of the East African Community (EAC) EAHRC is established as a mechanism for providing evidence-based advice to the EAC upon all matters of health and health-related research. It guides the EAC on knowledge generation, technological development, policy formulation, practice, and other related matters. Prof Kibiki provides leadership and guidance in the realisation and implementation of the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the EAHRC. At EAC, he has led the establishment of the Digital Regional East African Community Health (Digital REACH) Initiative. Digital REACH is novel and ground-breaking regional initiative that aims at scaling uptake and utilisation of digital technology for improvement of healthcare service delivery and health outcomes. The Initiative has been approved for implementation by the EAC council of ministers of health and endorsed by the presidents of the EAC countries. For the past two decades prior to his current position, Kibiki who is a professor of medicine served as an academician, a clinician, a research scientist, and a leader in the health sector. He has academic positions in Africa, North America, and Europe.

Steering Committee
The current intensity and density of human interaction and integration due to global trade, investment, and technological advancement, are unprecedented. People are closer than ever before. Globalisation, however, has also increased health threats: Ebola and COVID-19 have shown us how a disease outbreak from a single spot can wreak havoc worldwide. Effective research capacity globally is imperative to detect and respond to health challenges, and to abate the associated negative socio-economic consequences.