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TB Work Package

TB Work Package

The EACCR TB work package is coordinated by Dr Sayoki G Mfinanga who is also the Chairperson of the TB work package management committee, assisted by Dr Bernard Ngowi who is also serving as the secretary of the TB work package management committee.

The work package is aiming at building capacity in TB clinical research and operational links and affiliations among East African Regional Institutions working to improve the TB research. Further more the node will strive to work with the institutions with complementary strengths and mentoring capacity to form a consortium with enhanced multi-disease (HIV/AIDS, TB & Malaria) capacity to conduct ICH-GCP compliant clinical Trials.

This will be achieved through:

  • Networking within and between institutions within the region and northern partners that is also open to other excellent research centers in East Africa the node will build capacity in terms of infrastructure and human resources in terms of competence in doing TB clinical trials
  • Mentoring and training of the staffs from the different sites within EACCR .The work package will build relevant human resource capacity for implementation of clinical trials in TB
  • Supporting the sister institutions within EACCR in terms of supervision and staff exchange, the work package will build a capacity in human resources among the sister institutions.

TB Work Package Achievements

Training and Mentorships

1 Post doc

2 PhD 

4 MSc 

Infrastructural Upgrades

4 Sister institutions site upgrades

Development of the online-shared TB node database

Two BSL 3 Laboratory accreditation in KEMRI CGHR TB Laboratory and NIMR/NTLP Central Reference Lab


Grants Applied for


o   Improving TB case detection in a rural population by linkage to an HIV test & treat Programme, funded by TB Reach (Stop TB partnership), USD 400,000

o   An Open-Label, Partially Randomized Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of a 4-month Treatment of Bedaquiline plus Pretomanid plus Moxifloxacin plus pyrazinamide (BPaMZ)  Vs STANDARD, funded by TB Alliance, USD 112,000

o   Improved diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis among adults and children: Implementation of a rapid, robust, sensitive and specific immunochemistry-based assay in the routine tuberculosis control programme settings (IRRSSIA study), funded by GLOBAL VAC.

o   Translation research into policy and practice: Scaling up Evidence Based Multiple focus Integrated Intensified TB Screening to End TB (EXIT-TB) in the East African region, funded by EDCTP.

-        We applied for eight EDCTP Senior Fellowship grants and manage to get funds for two EDCTP-AREF Preparatory Fellowships and three EDCTP Career Development Fellowships. Three applications were not successful.



Clinical Studies


           Ethical clearance was obtained for one clinical epidemiology entitled “The effect of UNAIDS and WHO policies on clinical outcomes among HIV-infected patients co-infected with TB or Cryptococcal infection in Tanzania: a cross-sectional with a ten-year nested retrospective cohort study”




11 Publications