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Get to Know About EACCR3

Prof. Pontiano Kaleebu

Overall Project Coordinator (EACCR3)

EACCR is an Eastern African-led network established in  2009 and comprises of 23 regional partners from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, and 5 Northern partners from Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, , and United Kingdom.

It aims to strengthen the capacity to conduct internationally acceptable health research with specific focus on clinical trials on poverty related diseases (HIV, TB, Malaria) and neglected Infectious emerging and re-emerging diseases) in the region.

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Our Objectives

Capacity Building

To strengthen the collaboration and optimize the use of shared research infrastructures and other capacity building resources and opportunities.

Promoting Research

Promoting an increase and retention of the independent African researchers, research leaders and managers.

Training & Mentorship

To boost and deliver an Eastern Africa training and mentorship program.

Clinical Trials

To establish a new work package (NID) to manage and establish the needed facilities to conduct clinical trials on neglected, emerging and re-emerging disease that burden the region.

Supporting Institutions

To strengthen and strategically expand South-South and North-South collaborations between researchers and institutions with a specific focus on supporting less established institutions in building capacity for high quality clinical research.

Networking & Dialogue

To promote networking, and dialogue between researchers, communities and policy makers to maximize the use of health research evidence for shared knowledge management, policy change and improved health programming in Eastern Africa.

Our Work Packages

EACCR3 Operates through 5 Work Packages: