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The Second Annual General Scientific Meeting on EAPOC VL

The second annual general scientific meeting for the East African Point of Care HIV Viral Load (EAPOC-VL) was held for two days on the 10th and 11th May in Kigali-Rwanda with the aim of evaluating performance in period 1 & 2 of the project implementation and laying strategies to expedite performance of research activities in period 3. The purpose of EAPOC-VL project is to examine the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of using point of care viral load (PoC VL) monitoring to improve virological suppression among children and adolescents (age 0-24 years) living with HIV in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Specifically, EAPOC-VL aims to evaluate feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of using PoC HIV VL monitoring to improve viral load suppression rates among children and adolescents living with HIV in East Africa.

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